Falling in Love is Easy
Choosing to Stay in Love is the Hard Part
The MAN-TRAPPIN’® COOKBOOK is more than just an ordinary cookbook, it’s inspirational, entertaining and enlightening. That reflects upon cooking, relationships, prayers -and the Word of God. Helping you to recommit your relationship with God and each other.
Jessica artfully intertwines her faith in God, her joy of cooking with her joy of life and Love. While sharing her personal story behind the Title. The candid recipe titles and descriptions in the MAN-TRAPPIN’® COOKBOOK will give you an opportunity to start a conversation, laugh and think.

The many anecdotes add a Christian perspective to the way you view relationships. Each recipe comes with an inspirational Bible verse and enlightening prayer to remind us that:

   "The way to a Man's Heart is not only through his
Stomach but also through his Soul!”

[The Story Behind the Title]

"MAN-TRAPPIN" is a phrase Jessica jokingly uses to refer to the meals she prepares that goes straight to a Man's Heart. The first time the phrase came to mind was Thanksgiving 2010 while preparing dinner for her family about ten years after the divorce of her second husband. Yes, her second husband.
After experiencing two unsuccessful marriages Jessica was able to realize that attracting a good man wasn't her problem it was keeping him. What she also came to realize was her interpersonal issues did not originate from her broken marriages they originated from the abuse she endured as a child and as a young lady.

         Cooking provided her with the distraction she needed to shift her focus,

      but writing a cookbook wasn’t in her plans.

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J ESSICA RATCLIFF is an author, communicator, Bible study leader, and entrepreneur. She has consoled many individuals through their tragedies’ and life's misfortunes. Jessica has years of experience in dealing with challenging relationships and emotional issues associated with different stages of life.

There's one thing: She doesn’t like to waste time sugar coating things, by trying to paint you a perfect life in what is truly an imperfect World. Jessica is looking to help you to become more intentional about your personal and SPIRITUAL GROWTH. 

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